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About Us

UTS was established in 1990 by Harun Şensoy, as the first to serve hygiene sector in Turkey. 

Started with baby diapers, sanitary napkins, defense industry mechanisms, food industry molds in the beginning; our production scale has expanded to mechanical and ultrasonic bonding rolls, drum molds, adult incontinence pads, glue chins, final cut flat knives, wet wipe flat knives, plaster knife rolls during 28 years. Today we are proud that our company can answer all your requests to produce / repair any machine group used in hygiene industry together with machine revision possibilities and custom-made molds for defense and automotive industry.  

UTS delivers quality in short time. We ensure production continuity with our 24/7 service. Our customers can enjoy our night and day service and delivery, thus decrease their machine stop times. 

We aim to deliver more than the expected, quicker than the market. UTS customers profit continuous manufacturing with their custom-engineered products. 

Our History


Kartal, İstanbul. 

Started our journey with;

  • Hygiene Industry
  • Defense industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Tool industry
  • Food industry 

  • moved to its new factory in İMES Organized Industrial Zone , İstanbul
  • made CNC machining center investments 
  • started to work with international leaders and improved its international sales department


2009-Today |

  • completed building its company premises in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone, one of the well-known industrial zones in Turkey
  • UTS now is serving worldwide customers from Gebze, Kocaeli with 4000 m2production area, 2500 m2indoor space 
  • made CNC machining center investments

Our Customers & Focus


  • 4 continents
  • 661 customers

UTS sets its position in the market with technical reliability and quality service. It is guaranteed that you will receive your custom-engineered product in narrow tolerances which then will increase your cutting performance.  

Our focus is to stay up to date in today’s dynamic market. We continuously evaluate our processes and make necessary investments to our production area. Technological revisions on our machines help our customers to widen their designing possibilities.

UTS works together with customers and supports designing processes. After it is agreed on final product and production process, UTS starts operating for optimized production.

UTS provides its raw materials from internationally approved suppliers with TÜV Cert, AQA International, ANAB Accredited, IAF International Accreditation Forum, Normpack Norm Certificate, Jas-Anz, TSE, EIN Cert, Quality Austria etc.